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mahina tour
feel the senses.

mahina tour designs half-day trips to sharpen your senses.

The tour will take you to some of the most popular sightseeing spots in Japan (Tokyo)to know about you and love yourself a lot more.

- Tour dates -

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【key words】


Japanese food culture


【key words】

Sky tree

Japanese stationary


【key words】

Japanese cartoon


Our plan


- Full ordermade - 

be proposed based on the answers to a questionnaire submitted by the participants prior to the tour.



 - Semi ordermade -

Semi-custom-made (*1) tours that you choose.Various themes are available today.





Souvenirs for yourself (+$$$)
* Find something to take home with you in your daily life...


“ At the mahina guidance tour, we have been asked, "Which part of your senses are you going to focus during this tour?"In response to this question,

I decided to be conscious of "hearing".

After participating in the tour,

I realize that there are many things in our daily lives that we tend to overlook, such as "dynamic sounds","still sounds",and "noises" itself when we are conscious of listening in our daily lives.I think the same can be said for all other five senses.

I am grateful for this opportunity to realize that if we use our senses and sharpen them on a daily basis, our daily lives can become very rich and meaningful.

I want to continue in my daily lives to take a moment and to be aware of things. ” 


—  Yukiko

About us


The Mahina tour is designed to
allow you to "see" your inner self
while touring the sights.
At mahina tour, we believe that it is important for each person to know themselves and their true value.
By journeying one's sensitivity to improve self-understanding, they come to acknowledge oneself as well as others and this will lead to a better group of lives in this world.


To enjoy "me" while visiting the sights..
1. discovering the industries, cultures and aesthetics of each country and region, and refining
their attractions and proposing their values 
2. creating various tours using cutting-edge technology with heart and soul and providing
a time of "freedom" and “excitement”.
We connect "me" and "thing", "me" and "my heart", "my heart" and “your heart". 
Mahina tour not only introduces the charm of the sightseeing spots
but also shows you how to journey yourself.
We discover and propose the charm of "thing"
that is hidden in each sight, sound, scent, bite and touch of the each places. 
We invite you to become aware of your inner heart (five senses) and beyond, refine it, and use it to your advantage.
We continue to increase the number of people who are able to enjoy themselves through their lives. 
It is our mission to build a better world with people who enjoy themselves.

We'll give you the time you deserve.


We will propose fascinating tours wholeheartedly.



The Marvelous City

Tokyo is a city of many different cultures where offers fascinating places to experience a deep and wide range of cultures. You can discover a new side of yourself by experiencing the aesthetics cultures such as traditional arts and crafts, unique foods,subcultures,spirituality, and green culture of Tokyo.


Our designer will take you on a journey of your own sensibility - one scent, one sip, one touch, one hearing, one look, and one look.

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Contact us

Thank you very much for your inquiry.

We will get back to you within 2-3 business days.

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