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Specified Commercial Transaction Act and Notes on our services

【Company】 Cor-an Holdings Inc.

【Representative Director】 Mamiko Inahata

【Address】 3-23-2-403 Shirokane, Minato-ku, Tokyo 
JAPAN 108-0072

【Email address】


【the Price】 Please refer to the tour (product) details page

What is included in the participation fee

・Support (the guidance)

What is not included in the participation fee 
・Transportation expenses
・Food and drink expenses
・The actual cost of admission to the facilities

【Payment methods】 Bank transfer, credit card, convenience store
* In case of bank transfer, please transfer the registration fee to the designated account within 3 days of application. Please note that you will be responsible for the bank transfer fee.

【Change travel contract details】Even after signing the contract, in the event of a natural disaster, war, riot, suspension of service provision, orders from government offices, or any other reason that is beyond our control, we may change the tour content in order to ensure a safe and smooth implementation of the tour. In that situation, we will explain to the guest promptly in advance the reason why the reason cannot be involved by our company and the causal relationship with the reason. 

【Cancellation / Refund】 Cancellation fee shall be charged from 14 days before of the day and paid as follows.

・Up to 14 to 8 days before: 20% of participation fee
・Up to 7 to 2 days before: 30% of participation fee
・The day before: 50% of participation fee 
・On the day: 100% of participation fee

*When you cannot join the tour due to irresistible force such as cancellation of the tour due to bad weather or flight cancellation, no cancellation fee shall be charged. 

【Our instructions】Our staff shall accompany on the tour. From the start to the end of the tour, a participant shall follow our instructions for a safe and smooth implementation of the tour. 

【Guest Responsibility】The guests shall be responsible for his/her own valuables. We are not liable for loss or damage of valuables.
For more details, refer to full text of the terms and conditions, please. 

【Other】・For your convenience, we may take the guest to a souvenir shop, but the guest shall be responsible for making purchases.・If an accident is happened during the tour, please notify us immediately using the contact 
information provided on the final tour itinerary. We may take necessary measures when it is found that a traveling guest is in a condition requiring protection due to illness or injury. In this case, if this is not due to a reason attributable to us, the cost of the measure shall be 
borne by the customer.・Please follow the meeting time strictly. We do not take any responsibility if you are unable to participate due to late meeting time. ・We shall not rerun the tour in any case.

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