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At the mahina guidance tour, we have been asked, "Which part of your senses are you going to focus during this tour?"In response to this question,

I decided to be conscious of "hearing".

After participating in the tour,

I realize that there are many things in our daily lives that we tend to overlook, such as "dynamic sounds","still sounds",and "noises" itself when we are conscious of listening in our daily lives.I think the same can be said for all other five senses.

I am grateful for this opportunity to realize that if we use our senses and sharpen them on a daily basis, our daily lives can become very rich and meaningful.

I want to continue in my daily lives to take a moment and to be aware of things.



Everything in the world is made up of

"Yin" and "Yang".

No matter which one is missing, neither things nor objects come into existance.

In our daily life, the information of 'yang' comes into our lives on its own, but we cannot see the 'yin' unless we conciously focus on it and feel it.

When we try to grasp the essence of things,the truth and the balance, we cannot reach the essence of things, the truth and the balance unless we find the opposites, the yin and the yang.

I felt that this "mahina tour" consisted of a program that reminded us of this.

By being aware of the "yin" in our lives, things we didn't realize are in the spotlight and we begin to realize the importance of being in harmony.



It was a very intimate tour and we enjoyed our trip!
I've taken other tours before, but to be honest, I didn't like them because I felt that they were somewhat rushed and pressed for time.


But the Mahina tour took plenty of time in the places we visited to observe and feel the scenery and places, so we were able to enjoy them to the fullest!

It was a great opportunity to get to know my inner self.I joined this tour by myself, but the tour conductor was very warm and friendly, so I didn't feel lonely at all even though I joined this tour by myself.


I thought this would be a great tour for anyone who don't like time-sensitive tours, people who want to take it slow and see the sights, anyone who are overwhelmed with things they have to do on a daily basis, and anyone who just want to make "the most "of their time! 



It was a whole new experience.

This time we visited the Meiji Shrine, strolled down Takeshita Street, and visited a craft store.

It was a valuable experience to explore the area where I live by "using all five senses".

I have realized how much information

I usually overlooked.
Let's say If you focus on your sense of smell, you notice the changes in humidity, natural smells, people's smells and city smells.
It's much more complex and packed with more information than we think.
Through this tour, I realized the potential of the five senses, which were usually dormant.
I have founed my favorite one made by the craftsman at the craft shop, and I am well satisifeid.

I would like to join the tour again.



I have learned a lot of personal lessons and also enjoyed the invaluable time with you all.


I can't thank you enough for inspiring me

with my work. Thank you. 

It was a pleasure to spend time with you

all in an amazing, warm, natural space.

I hope to see you again.




II have learned that the solution to sorting out what is unnecessary and necessary, uncomfortable and comfortable is to sharpen the five senses through this mahina tour.


Using and communicating with the five senses in each and every one of these places has given me a renewed appreciation of my strengths, convinced me of my challenges, and quite a bit of satisfaction!


I recommend the tour quite a bit for people who are frustrated with parenting and their relationship with their husbands, or

who are too busy to make any decisions.




Unfortunately, it was raining.

Normally I would be disappointed, but with the mahina tour guidance, I have been decided to pay more attention to my senses.

What I have amazed is that I found myself enjoying the rainy city of Tokyo, paying attention to the sound of the rain, the scents, the colors, the temperature, and so on.

It was interesting to experience places and cultures that I would never have gone to if I hadn't had the opportunity to be participated in this tour, and it is so much fun to just feel the new world.

I feel like I've become more aware of what I feel in my daily life!



I participated in a tour to watch Kabuki and visit Itoya.


I had the luxury of a one-on-one guide that day, and thanks to her, I was able to spend an intense

time that filled my heart.

The tour allowed me to focus on my inner self, and as the tour staff listened to me, my past memories and deep-seated emotions came flooding back to me, and I was able to encounter many new insights.

By being aware of my five senses while experiencing places and things for the first time, I was able to receive the detailed messages one after another.
It was an emotional experience that was multiplied many times over by sharing what I realized that I would never have been able to achieve alone.

It is such a wonderful tour that I want to take again.

I'm looking forward to the future tours as well.


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